Installation Services

FM Sylvan has an established track record of cost effective, high quality pipe installation services across a range of industries and project types - including power, process, and specialty piping. With a vast network of labor relationships, we can mobilize quickly to deliver projects when response time is critical. FM Sylvan provides a range of services that correspond to the entire installation life-cycle including:

  • CAD pipe design and pre-construction planning
  • Pipe pre-fabrication
  • Project control using tools such as primavera, Microsoft Project
  • Manpower management
  • Material management
  • Rigging and millwright services
  • Quality installation and on-site fabrication of alloy, stainless steel, carbon and plastic pipe
  • Demolition and removal of old pipe
  • Value engineering
  • On-site non-destructive examination

From design through test, we have the industrial services contracting expertise, and possess a number of key authorizations including the ASME "R" and "PP" stamps. As one of the only industrial service contractors with ASME section IX authorization for boiler and high pressure piping, FM Sylvan is uniquely positioned to serve projects that require both types of expertise. As an affiliate to a number of organizations dedicated to the type of work we perform, and as a signatory to the national board of pressure vessel inspectors, the UA national agreement, the national power and generation agreement, and the national fabrication agreement, FM Sylvan is committed to building and maintaining our knowledge and skill base in accordance with changing industry standards.

Our installation project core competencies include:

  • Boiler and chiller installation and repair
  • Complete piping systems-power, process, specialty piping
  • Testing
  • General maintenance

Finally, our 3 fabrication facilities allow us to create much of the pre-fabrication work off-site and deliver it to a job site quickly, passing along economies of scale to our customers. Our fabrication facilities allow us to accelerate project cycles, reduce risk, and ensure quality delivery at a lower cost.