Case Study - Chrysler Windsor Assembly Plant

Customer Challenge

Chrysler undertook the largest retooling of the Windsor Assembly plant since the 1980’s, a two billion dollar investment required to support a new line of minivans.  The project had to be completed in a 14 week shutdown window, and required massive coordination between contractors and tradespeople to work within very specific time and space limitations.  

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan executed key projects in the body shop, paint facility and the trim assembly.  FM Sylvan was chosen based on its expertise in executing against the pipe fabrication, installation, millwright and rigging, and electrical requirements for the various Windsor projects.  FM Sylvan’s management team, which consisted of more than twenty key team members provided the labor management, project management, and financial management skills needed to successfully complete the project within the shutdown period.  Specifically, FM Sylvan managed more than 350 tradespeople from ten different union halls, in addition to an additional 350 subcontractors.  Proactively working with the unions and suppliers, prior to the shutdown period ensured that the key milestones would be met once the project began.


All projects were completed on time and within budget prior to the end of the shutdown window, allowing Chrysler to meet its business objectives.  Despite the complexity of the project, FM Sylvan successfully completed alterations to fifteen different conveyor/automation systems, while installing more five new systems and more than 250 Robots.