Case Study - Buckeye Partners

Customer Challenge

Buckeye Partners required an industrial contracting services partner to spearhead a series of projects at the company’s Perth Amboy, Port Reading, and Peotone plants over a period of several years.  Buckeye sought a service provider with a proven track record in the energy industry and core competencies in industrial pipe fabrication, installation and layout services.  The capstone project was the modernization of the Perth Amboy plant, which required thousands of welds.  

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan leveraged its manpower, design/engineering, pipe fabrication, and installation expertise built over the course of twenty years serving Energy industry to ensure on-time and on budget delivery for the three successive  Buckeye projects.  By executing quickly and with high quality, FM Sylvan enabled Buckeye to maximize production to meet customer demand.


Despite aggressive schedules and the need to manage pipe fabrication, installation and layout services in parallel, FM Sylvan delivered the projects successfully.   Buckeye has formally commended FM Sylvan's work on the Perth Amboy Modernization Project, which included more than 2500 welds with less than a 1 percent rejection rate, specifically calling out FM Sylvan's "dedication and determination to seeing this massive project to completion."